Khối vương miện

1. The series cranes are designed and manufactured in accordance with API Spect 4F and 8A specifications, and have API monogram usage rights.

2. Meet the industry standard "Main Lifting Equipment for Oil Rigs" SY / T5527.

3. The pulley rope groove is quenched, with abrasion resistance and long life.

4. Equipped with a rope blocking rod or a rope slot to prevent the wire rope from jumping or falling off.

5, with anti-bump buffer wood.

6. Equipped with a lifting frame for repairing the pulley block.

7, with sand fishing pulley and auxiliary pulley set.

8. The crane block is completely interchangeable with its supporting traveling block.


ModelHook loadPulley outer diameterNumber of pulleysDiameterDimensionWeight
TC30300KN457mm(18-3/4in)424mm (15/16in)738mm×472 mm×575mm (29in×18- 5 /8 in×22-5/8 in)245kg
TC50500KN610mm (24in)524mm (15/16in)860mm×670 mm×588mm (33-7/8in×26- 7/16 in×23-1/8 in)464kg
TC60600KN610mm (24in)526mm (1in)940mm×813 mm×965 mm(37 in×32 in×38 in)786kg
TC90900KN660mm (26in)526mm (1in)1208mm×1092 mm× 1207 mm(47-9/16 n×43 in×47-9/16in)1500kg
TC1351350KN1016mm (40in)529mm (1-1/8in)2320mm×1436 mm×1781 mm(91- 11/ 32in×56-17/32 in×70-l/2in)2775kg
TC170/1801700KN 1800 KN1016mm (40in)529mm (1-1/8in)2668mm×2460 mm×1855 mm (105in×97in×73in)4540kg
TC2252250KN1120mm(44in)532 mm (1-1/4in)2668mm×2709 mm ×2469 mm (105in×l07in×97in)5270kg
TC3153150KN1270mm(50in)635 mm (1-3/8in)3112mm×2783mm×2800mm (123in×110in×110in)7600kg
TC4504500KN1524mm (60in)638 mm (1-1/2in)3407mm×2722 mm×2856 mm (134in×107 in×112-1/2 in)9750kg
TC58558501524mm (60in)742mm (1- 5/8in)3070mm×3000mm×3600mm 121in×118in×l42in10000kg